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Animal Instinct – Brown Bear

So a couple of weeks ago, the party I’m running a short D&D campaign for came across a captured brown bear in a cavern they were exploring. Needless to say, Winnie wasn’t too happy about being cooped up but thanks to my abysmal DM rolls, the party made pretty quick work of her. It got me thinking about a Kickstarter by EC3D Designs that I’d found one day a couple months back and backed, that I had a whole bunch of minis yet to print up and paint, and I remembered there being a bear that looked quite good, so I printed it up and this is the result of a couple of short evenings of painting. Not bad for a simple, quick paint job. The camera doesn’t really pick it up well, but when you look closely at that cut on her left eye, it’s glistening with good ol’ Army Painter Glistening Blood and looks quite realistic. The fur was done quite easily with a base coat of Vallejo Chocolate Brown, then drybrushing multiple layers of lighter browns (think four or five total) getting more precise with each one…

It was nice to do something “non-humanoid” for a change, but next up will either be one of the Angels from the D&D Monster Manual for my alphabetical MM project, or a human priest that I really liked the sculpt of from STL Miniatures…can’t decide yet…I’ll just let the paint brushes guide me haha!

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My Drizzt mini is complete!

One of my favourite D&D-inspired characters is definitely Drizzt Do’Urden, created by R.A. Salvatore in his best-selling series based in The Forgotten Realms. I think I’m on book 20 or 21 now? You can see what book I’m reading on the right side of the site.

When I saw that The Army Painter had a new Underdark paint set with a few more “D&D-specific” paints, I jumped at that, especially when I saw it had an exclusive Drizzt miniature!

Drizzt Do’Urden out of the box…ready to go!

I tried to keep as much to how I picture Drizzt thoughout my reading, so while the finished product may not be exactly as you imagine him in your mind, I think he turned out pretty darn good! I mostly used Army Painter paints, along with a few Citadel and Vallejo. I really need to keep track of what I used so I can put a list for anyone trying to duplicate (or better) my results!

Drizzt, out on an adventure in Icewind Dale!

I’d love to have your comments and criticisms, but be gentle!